So much contentment and so little posting.

Today in class our teacher ran us through an exercise. A simple exercise, but one I think most people forget just as soon as they remember. He stood at the front of the class and raised his hand all the way in the air and told us to look at it. We stared intently at his hand and then he put it down. Then he told us to smile. Then he told us to laugh. He was explaining the quick chemical changes between keeping ones faced focused and even a little grim (in starring intently at something, working without interruption, etcetera) and smiling or laughing.

Obviously one feels happier when one smiles, but it is good to remember that even doing it on purpose can produce the same chemical goodness.

In that same vibe, I started a “things that made me happy” journal. It’s mostly just a notepad and a list. Today at Starbucks (groan!) I needed an emergency coffee before class. The Jimi Hendrix type barista held my card up and said “Lorelei– the ei at the end makes an i sound.” Hooray! A new term marks the beginning of another round of having my name butchered so this was an excellent start to the day.

But the entire point of the post was to give thanks to my brand new desk for inspiring such great motivation. This is the first time I have had a “real desk” that was not also a dresser or a dump for all of my rubbish and it is glorious. Here’s to you, desk. The place where things get done.


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