Today I needed to go to a place that made me feel comfortable but was out of my normal range of places I spend my time at. I decided to go to Powells’ and pick up a seat in the cafe. Powell’s is one of my favorite places in the world, but I suppose the same can be said for most bookstores. Wandering through the maze of old paperbacks and new hardbound stories waiting to be read. So many I’ve never cracked open, sort of bursting with possibility. I spent a good hour or two wandering the shelves and looking for particular subjects and then I headed to the cafe adjacent. It’s a rather small cafe, with good coffee, that doesn’t mind if you sit for hours on end even if you’ve already finished your drink. Perfect. It’s also, it seems, a place where the local artists (cartoonists, particularly) come to spread out their large sketchpads. I was surrounded by creative vibes and so before leaving I picked up a notepad of my own and a set of pens.

When I was little I always loved to draw, and I still do. I’m not awfully good at it. I used to tell myself if there was one thing that I wish I could be naturally good at, it would be drawing. To be able to look at something and draw it,naturally. Now I take more pleasure in drawing the things I see in my head, which don’t typically tend to stick to the ordinary. Dreamy images, thick lines contrasted with thin. I always start with black and white and then as I spread out all of my markers before me I start to fill in the rest.

The most difficult part of spending the entire day outside, with no plan at all, was to keep myself constantly occupied. Boredom can ensue rather rapidly with no plan, and so it was a constant struggle to keep myself interested in the next thing. I had to have a plan and I kept to it.

I went to the park (blanket pre-packed) and sat out under the sunset. I tried to pack down everything in my mind and press it out through the pen onto the paper. Caffeinated now and finally unwinding, I started to feel at ease.

More days to myself pushing the monotony, and finding excitement within myself.

That’s tomorrow.


One thought on “Venture

  1. I have nothing to comment, but sometimes it’s nice to know that people read.
    So I’m leaving a foot print.

    Be happy.

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