Independence Return

It’s been a rough week, but it’s getting better. You know what helps? Thinking about decorating a brand new apartment.

I have always swooned over interior design magazines and blogs (Apartment Therapy, Dwell…) so the idea of having a brand new empty space to make my own is making me want to hit fast forward.

When I first moved to Portland my apartment was very old and classic and so options for decorating were very limited.

Then when I moved in with my boyfriend I was able to have more control over what the place looked like, and it helped that we had the same taste.

I started with a very small studio, moved to a large two bedroom townhouse, step three is a decent sized one bedroom. I don’t know that I could stand going from such a large spacious place to a small studio again. It might drive me mad! A one bedroom will give me the opportunity to keep my sleeping space separate from my living space which is something that I’ve grown to love and appreciate.

I’ll keep in touch. It’s going to be a fun process.


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