Want V. Need

In the constant struggle between want and need the picture has never been clearer than when faced with vast amounts of time in which you must structure yourself.

Lately want and need have coincided with so much ease that I’m afraid how long it will be this easy. I want to wake up with sunrise, eat a healthy breakfast, go on a run, do my work, keep up with the laundry, have a clean space to work in. I want these things and I have them.

What do I need? Waking up early in the morning has provided me with maximum time allocated to getting things done. It’s given me the energy to keep busy throughout the day. It’s motivated me to be healthier. But can what you want and what you need ever really be one in the same?

I grew up believing that the things we desired most were the things that were the worst for us. The extra piece of dessert, staying out too late, spending time with people who detrimental to our mental health. (Even if obviously so, the craziest can be some of the most fun.)

And so want and need are pulling together in such a way that I’m curious of the downfall. Is it really possible to want the same things you need? And when you want the things you need, is there really any stopping you? The ultimate power of knowing the path to take and being able to take it full-force, every morning, seven am, with satisfaction.

Now that I’ve seen this, how could I go back?


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