summer things

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. My last three nights in this apartment. It’s all coming much more quickly now, and I’m excited by all of the possibilities of it. Things are bright in all aspects.

And as comfortable as this is, it’ll be nice to sleep in a real bed again. My bed.

Now to a couple of things that have made my week:


These lemon napkins from Sur La Table. They go with all of my other kitchen gear and will fit my new apartment nicely (you’ll see…)

This stack of absolute summer reading which I am plowing through. Mystic River first, then probably shameless followed by the strain. I forgot the rate at which I could read books that didn’t involve necessary memorization. Go speed reader go!


This homemade rosemary focaccia — luckily I made two because the first one disappeared the night I made it. Recipe from a Betty Crocker cookbook, but it’s just like any basic focaccia recipe! I opted out on the cheese on top and just coated it with a layer of olive oil before baking. Tasty snack bread.


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