Coming Together

I was finally able to take some shots of my new place this morning, although things still have a long way to go.

The fireplace works, but it’s electric. So it’s decorative, but it works! Clearly I need to get myself a bookshelf. I split a huge ikea bookshelf with my boyfriend but since I’ve moved I gotta get myself a new one. I don’t have anywhere to put anything! This is also a good reason to get rid of some things.

You can’t tell so much in this photo but I get a great amount of natural light from that window! The other place I was looking at was essentially covered in shade so I’m glad I chose this one, it makes me much happier to be able to see the sun.

I decided to put my desk in my living space instead of my bedroom. My whole life I’ve had my desk in my bedroom, but I associate desk work with being awake… and want to have my bedroom to be exclusively a sleeping place. Having my desk out in the main room (with the natural light) puts me in a working zone.

I have a huge list of things I need from ikea as well as small things from the store (cheese grater, tin foil, windex, etc) so it’ll be awhile before things are clean. I’m going to be hanging a lot of things up on the wall so I’ll post more photos as I go. Hopefully I’ll be getting internet at my place tonight so I’ll be able to update as things happen.

Hope all is well!


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