As it turns out, I read a lot quickly when it’s not required reading.

I finished two (two!) books before they were due at the library. Mystic River and Shameless. I’m heading out to return them here soon and get a start on The Strain, by Guillermo Del Toro. Mystic River was a good summer read, a good mystery novel. I’m looking forward to checking out the movie here soon because I’d never seen it before. I’m fairly determined to never see movies based on books before I read the books. I hate reading books and seeing the actors in my head. Shameless was a must read for pretty much anyone interested in modern sexuality. It’s a pretty average sized book but is a fantastically quick read.

I’d like to say I’m going to get started on my own books once I finish The Strain, but I can already feel a list building in my head for library reserves. Some things refuse to change.


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