making bread on a fall day

I love baking bread on a fall day! I’m having a really tight week and so instead of going to buy a $4 loaf of bread I decided to make my own.

  • It’s free – I always have the ingredients here to make bread!
  • It makes the house smell delicious
  • It warms up the apartment!
  • I know exactly what went into the bread (healthier… sometimes)
I’m not new to making bread but I’m always happy when the loaf turns out well. This loaf is more of a english muffin style bread. It’s a bit thicker of a crust and good for toasting and putting butter and jam on. I can’t wait to get into stew making and soup making and casseroles!
Oh and today I did another shoot for a friend of mine and she gave me this gorgeous hat that she knitted! Awesome! (How long is my hair getting?! I need to save for a cut!)

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