(Short hair, and a necklace from a long, long time ago.)

I’m not sure what I will remember most about February 2012. It’s one of those short inconsequential months that ends just as quickly as it began. I still freely associate Valentine’s Day with February, but Valentine’s Day is more so about baking and good cheer than it is about love or commitment. I think if I had to say what the overarching theme of this month is, I would say positivity, and letting small things slide. It has been easier and easier to separate one bad thing from the good things in my life. I’m not letting myself get weighed down anymore and it’s great to be able to be in persistently good moods. March, at least, will bring some of the warmth of Spring. At the very least it will bring a much needed break and some fresh flowers.

(Wine, chair, book, stormy evening.)


(First visit to Living Room Theaters – cozy seats for two.)


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