– light therapy

– eat healthy

– exercise regularly

– winter vacation

– meditation

– reduce stress where possible

(via) norman rosenthal

For me it’s usually about keeping busy, surrounding myself with people. When I get sad (actually sad, though probably SAD as well) I like to be alone. This winter will be a lot of doing things that I know are good for myself long term even if they don’t sound good. Ditching the excess sweets, keeping my curtains open, trying new foods, keeping active in one way or another (riding my bike to school is never enough, sadly) – stress is usually fairly low, but I could work on finding active meditation that works for me. Rather than “I’m spacing out, that counts, right?” This winter is different in that I’ll be getting away to California for a week during December. December is usually OK for me since it’s packed full of Holiday Cheer, but I have no doubt the sun and special occasion of being out of state will do wonders for breaking up the monotony. I haven’t had an out of state trip somewhere warm since… well, who knows.

A master list of “things to do this fall/winter” is in progress and I’ll need people to do them with me.


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