There are some things that you should know about summer, the things that you’ll forget, and the things that you’ll idolize. Winter is coming. The darkness, the gray, the rain, the wetness. And right now it all sounds so wonderful. Everything to look forward to in the months to come. And summer will suddenly seem so far away.

But sweaty palms. Sweaty feet. Sweaty back and sweaty legs. Sweaty everywhere. When you go to bed, when you get into the car, when you ride your bike, when you wake up and when you brush your teeth. Sweat. And cuddling is really out of the picture because your body heat is twice the normal temperature and if we get too close we burn. And sure, winter is cold. You want to wear your socks to bed. But you can cuddle. You can steal the warmth. You can wrap yourselves in blankets and sleep just an hour past the time you should get up. Summer is draining. Summer sucks the moisture out of you. Summer makes you lethargic and heat stroked. It makes you tired and grumpy. It gives you headaches and allergies. It gives you sunburns and summer colds.

And I know I’ll miss summer, I always do. But it’s important to remember not to complain too much when one is gaining so much. Every season comes with something to look forward to. Something to pack up and leave behind until next time.

Hello, Fall? I’ve got my boots at the ready.


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