More Fall

It’s early – it feels that way. Writing about fall seems clichéd. It’s darker. It threatens to rain. I’m at the cafe and Luke comes by to chat before class. It’s still pretty empty in here. The women next to me are talking about their cats but it takes me a while to realize that they’re not talking about their children. I’m bundled up – but not as much as usual. Maybe if I focus on wearing weather appropriate clothes and not a parka in the middle of October I’ll be able to make it through December at a steady progress. Ai. What people are wearing is interesting, though. Can you tell where someone is from by what they choose to wear when the temperature drops?

A sweater with a button up underneath, a vest, a hoodie, a rain jacket and keens, a sweater and a scarf, two striped shirts sitting side by side. Oh, this one is good. One is white with grey strips and one is grey with black strips. They have the same hair and are moving in similar motions a few seconds slow of one another. Chew, chew, chew, one of them wiggles the earpod in their ear.

Justin mentions “eye glasses” the other day in passing and my brain processes it as “iGlasses” and I start to think about what that could possibly mean. I worry about myself, sometimes. Too quick to put things together, a little too sloppy.

Jess says: humor, humility, honesty. Maybe I’ll focus on that for a while. What’s the point in pretending I don’t sound like an idiot sometimes?

It’s been ten minutes on the computer and I’m already about done with everything I wanted to do. I’ll pull out Hyperion and dive into a different world for a while, until it gets too noisy in here and I remember where I am.


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