where the wealthy and bored go

Dishes clanking

spoon on the little dish that

what’s my purpose?

it doesn’t know it just

gets beat beat beat

filled with sugar and cream and

those little packets of salt.

It’s raining outside and people are lethargic

fall girls in their coats that over lap

coats and more coats.

Boots made of leather and rubber

boots made with lots of sole.

People are preparing to close themselves down

break themselves apart

store themselves away.

I’ll take an extra shot of espresso

beat beat beat


the men next to me in their wool hats are nodding a lot

and I have my headphones on so they think I can’t hear

but I can’t.

The sounds from the room are bouncing off one another and forming a

vortex of confusion

waves crashing into one another and coming back as complete nonsense.

I catch a word now and then




I told her

architects, artifacts


These men have a lot of money and they don’t have anything to spend it on so

they order another drink and stay a while longer.



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