components of a good final week

can’t forget the cold, emergen-c

vitamins, minerals, yadda yadda

a stack of papers, but wheres the one I need?

words coming together, can’t remember where to put them

puzzling over puzzles I’ve created in my lack of decision

(indecision) procrastination and late nights, or early mornings

or none of the above

taking a minute to relax (has never been a problem) but taking a minute to plan ahead, well

always list making but never plot making.

where are my friends, busy too, caught in their own vortex

pencil lead flying and ink stains on fingertips

crumpled drafts tossed and missed in dented trash cans

strangely crafted playlists, mix tapes, discovering music best suited for

angsty key stomping or delicate letter writing, depending on my mood.

it will escalate a little further and then burn out, leaving a strange taste.


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