a photo can bring back a memory so strong

you think

I haven’t seen this in a while, I forgot about it

the smells, the sounds, the

feelings of being safe somewhere

completely unexpected.

tumbling down the stairs, spying, little robot games, that thing called a computer,

sleepovers and magic tricks and too-adult-movies

the first season of futurama, the spice girls, hanukah and presents

even though (you’re not quite one of us)

you could be one of us tonight.

the smell in the kitchen and the way my socks slid across the

warm tiles in the evening, just as warm in the morning.

took a shower away from home and fiddled with those

stranger knobs, stranger temperatures, stranger steam and stranger towels.

looking at a photo, pulling all these connections

nodes into nodes into electrical currents into feelings

of a second family i’d forgotten all about.


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