What is personal justice?

Do we confuse it with what is fair, what is right?

What we feel is deserved of us?

Is it the:

you don’t know what I’ve done

you don’t know what I’m capable of

you’ve never given me a chance

or is it the blanket statement.

The general consensus.

This is right and that is wrong and

this shouldn’t belong.

Nothing is fair. Nothing is just.

We create the rules as we go along and emotions get all

tangly, wiggly bits of emotional threads

caught and tied and frayed and

we make our judgements here in this cloud of


Where I have the right to say what is true just

as much as you do and

then we guide the rest of them

those too confused to make their minds up

those lacking the privilege to make those

big decisions.

It never ends up being just, justice

meant for everyone but decided by just one.


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