put a box down for a cat


this must be what the keyboard is

always typing and

i feel like im tricking myself into believing that

this is comfortable.

that this is getting me somewhere.

each key a minute, an hour,

all this time but not getting any closer.

put a keyboard down and

i trick myself into thinking


its anything but bad



soothing or something.


it is helpful to remember

necessary to know

that even things that can’t be counted

or kept track of

or measured in any meaningful way

are just as important as these dull

clickity clack

keyboard entries.


i tell myself i dont have time to read

i dont have time to write

about these things that

make me happy but

when i dont, that mindless

clickity clack


can bring me down.


i think about a time when people wrote letters to each other to

just write letters to each other to

ask each other how they were but

they really cared what the other person said and

they waited for their response

and awaited their response with

some eager disability of

a time when things weren’t so damn

clickity clackity.


i think i walked into the trap

the glassy-eyed zombie

the screen queen

i think we lost sight of were we were


when we started looking into those


and pretended we saw

anything more than a screen.


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