here’s the truth (i think)

we wish away for the days when

“girls are so confusing”

and then we remember that we know more now

we’ve had more now

all those things that gave us experience were

good for us somehow

it’s hard to remember (i think)

that growing up hurts for a reason and that

“girls are so confusing” is just code for

“im scared”

and through whatever experience of

breaking up and

splitting up


getting back together and

realizing that

i just cant do that anymore

is an okay thing to say.

i remember thinking boys were a different species and

when i think of boys who think of girls as

a different species im

not too surprised

that they didn’t get me

just as much as i didnt get them.

here’s the truth (i think)

we’re all just trying to figure each other out and

1. that really sucks

2. it takes some time

3. if it was all good

(all the time)

you’d never learn anything.


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