livejournal [interests]

’08 elections, 3am conversations, anything mildly erotic, being a nerd, big tee shirts, bitch beer, brangelina, burned cds, caffeine, celly, chewy spree, christmas lights, coffee, comforters, cosmo uk, cow tails, dexter, doodling, dvds, ellipticals, etc, etc., existentialism, facebook, flowers, francais, freckles, greeting cards, greys anatomy, hitman, hollister, house, huge hugs, invader zim, la conga, lappy, lingerie, listening to loud music, lost, md, mexican food, movie ticket stubs, music, notecards, philosophy, photo albums, photography, photoshop, pizza, post-it’s, prison break, psychoanalyzing, psychology, reading, road trips, sexual innuendos, sharpies, shot glasses, staying up late, stories of epic proportions, stormy weather, sweatpants, swinging, tanning, the beckhams, the mess britney spears, the office, the sims, trance, victorias secret, walking in the rain, warm towels, watching movies in general, watching scary movies, when my printer works, wrapping paper



im feeling nostalgic. i think its the lining of a fantastic mood.


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