I had a dream about a nightmare and (isn’t it funny, how things change?)

I woke up, smiling, and then

twisted! wrong! how


I thought it was you!

People appear in my head like

strangers getting off

night trains, and

they follow me home

crawl up into my head,

and, I, asleep, I think

give them familiar faces.

It would send me to cold sweats!

Cold sweats!

And I’d…

Wake up screaming, crying, dragging my nails into

those expensive sheets that

I don’t wash nearly enough.

Awful! Sick!

Now some

funny little

smirk and

a horizontal shrug

ain’t thaaat fuuuunnnaaaay.

I linger around in bed

thinking about

alarm clocks and

french toast and

bunny slippers.

I lounge and wonder




what makes




Maybe it was

a mask!

a charade!

some kind of


Oh that


You silly thing.

Now I think…


I’ve unmasked all those demons in my head.

Not so bad

after all.

Ain’t that funnnay.


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