I am cracking – breaking

shining through and coming out.

I am me at twelve, eight, four,

curious and aware, eagle eyed and

I am greedy.

The other day I laid on the couch and

I stared up at the ceiling and

I watched the texture of the ceiling form shapes

that told me what I already knew.

You had packed yourself away in storage boxes and

hidden the parts of yourself that didn’t fit anymore and

it’s about time that you gave yourself a little room to

breathe, relax, let loose, be yourself.

I am coming apart at the seams

I am stretching out, bones breaking, snapping.

I am taller – wiser – smarter –

all the things I was before

but hidden somewhere.

I was the self-appointed guard,

I was the lock and key.

I am seeing everything that was already there

for the first time.



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