There are about 600,00 lives in Portland

All as equally – or more – or less

exciting, intense, vibrant, pulsating

as mine.

They are passing me on the sidewalk and they are

sitting next to me on the bus

in class

in the cafe

out to dinner

they are

getting married

breaking up






There are about 600,000 lives in Portland and

as I pass each of them on the street

I might never see them again.

I might never talk to them, I might never meet them, I might

never know their name.

I might never know the degree to which

we already knew each other


how well we could have.

Out of all these hundreds of thousands of people I meet just

one or two or three, and I think

I hang on to the things about them that

could be better or worse.

There is not this wonder and awe that I hold for strangers


I think that is awfully sad of myself to let it

slip, escape, stood left to discover, lost of wonder.

All these friends I have who might as well be one of those

600,000 people passing by on the street.


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